Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whyte vs Gibbs

1. To what extent do Whyte and Gibbs approach city design from different perspectives? Do you find one more convincing than the other?
I think Whyte talks more about the small details of a city while Gibbs focuses on the emotional connection between citizens and the city. Gibbs seems to get into the mind of the shopper more than Whyte, and dives into the psychological aspect of marketing. I like Gibbs approach more because he talks about the relationship between an area and the people inside of it.

2. What elements of an urban area are particularly attractive to you? What elements repel you?
What attracts me to an urban area are the bright lights, abundance of people, and variety of stores. To me the city is full of life, and there is so much to do and explore.
Personally, poor level of cleanliness and safety can repel me from an urban area. Urban areas tend to be dirtier, and tend to have more homeless people. I also can feel uncomfortable when my personal space is invaded by the large crowds.

Jensen and I have yet to test our egg container. We heard that peanut butter worked really well in the past, so we decided to use that. We also know that nalgenes are supposedly not supposed to break so we put the egg and peanut butter inside a nalgene filled with water.

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